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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments The first edition of this book was based on our personal gardening experiences with children. This revised version has been enhanced immensely by including the experiences of multiple diverse programs through the selfless assistance of many people. We never could have written this edition without their coopera- tion. Our gratitude to these friends, colleagues, and family members is immense. Listed here are only a few of those involved: Tammy Davis, instructor in Human Environmental Studies at Southeast Missouri State University and forever an infant-toddler teacher, provided direc- tion in our work related to infants and toddlers. Tammy’s assistance was instru- mental in the development of chapter 6, providing inspiration, suggesting topics of discussion, and writing her own story for us to share. Tammy also assisted with photography and notes during our visits to infant and toddler classrooms and shared her own extensive photo library with us. Marissa Argus, K-1 teacher at the Indianapolis Public Schools/Butler University Lab School, allowed us to photograph her massive garden workday and graciously provided access to her class blog and documentation panels. We also want to thank Principal Ron Smith for his cooperation and Andrew Lucas for tirelessly tracking down parental permission forms right up to our deadline. Cassandra Mattoon, preschool teacher at the Thomas Metcalf Laboratory School at Illinois State University, hosted a photo shoot in her garden, allowed us to photograph a field trip, shared her expertise on the use of electronic tablets in the garden, and much, much more. Barbara Meraz, site director of the Sikeston University Child Development Center at Southeast Missouri State University, assisted us both in her current role and her prior role as twos teacher at the University School for Young Children. Barb photographed and recorded her work with the two-year-olds, wrote stories about her experiences, assisted us in photo shoots at the Sikeston Center, and worked to assure we had permission forms for all the children. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL xi