Preschool and Kindergarten / Health Education
“As an early childhood educator, I am always looking for new ideas for
teaching preschoolers healthy habits that will serve them throughout life.

This curriculum offers exactly what a busy teacher needs to provide a
comprehensive health curriculum.”
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—Luis Hernandez, MA, T/TAS at WKU, early childhood education specialist,
keynote speaker, interactive learning facilitator, and author
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“The comprehensiveness of the topics covered in the updated series is current
in their approach with related research, ideas, best practices, and good common
sense. No guilt anywhere! Congratulations to Connie Jo Smith, Charlotte M.

Hendricks, and Becky S. Bennett for designing and creating a healthy menu of
ideas and resources that teachers, families, and others can use promptly.”
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ng The curriculum includes
• Overviews of the six fitness and nutrition topics
• Suggested interest area materials and supports for creating the
learning environment
• Learning objectives and vocabulary words to introduce and use
• Suggestions for evaluating children’s understanding of each topic
• More than 30 hands-on classroom activities
• Family information and take-home activities
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During the preschool and kindergarten years, children begin exploring new
foods and spending more time engaging in physical activity. Help children
learn how to take care of their bodies as they build a foundation for healthy,
active lives with this Fitness and Nutrition curriculum. Children will learn
about motor development, fitness and physical activity, rest and relaxation,
food choices and eating habits, and avoiding germs when eating.

ing, Help children learn
fitness and
nutrition habits
This book is part of the Growing,
Growing Strong series, a whole-
health curriculum for children
age three through kindergarten.

Together, the books provide a
complete set of activities and
resources to help you support
children’s growth and wellness.

About the Authors
Dr. Connie Jo Smith,
Dr. Charlotte M. Hendricks,
and Dr. Becky S. Bennett
are experienced and passionate
leaders in the career management,
early childhood, and health
education fields.

—Marna Holland, EdD, CFCS, licensed teacher in birth-kindergarten, physical
education, health education, and family and consumer sciences
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