Show children a GPS navigation de-
vice or Google Maps, and assist them
in entering their address to obtain
directions from school to their home.

Let them see the maps and hear the
oral directions. Give examples of how
a GPS can be used.


Where Do Other People Live?
Ask children to look through magazines for photographs of the outside of
houses to cut out. Talk with children about the various types of houses they
find. Once they’ve cut out photos of houses, encourage them to attach each
photo to a cardboard box or some other solid material that will allow the pho-
tos to stand upright. Help children use the photos to create a neighborhood.

Art supplies can be used to create yards and parks. Add toy people and toy
vehicles to complete the scene.

magazines (architectural, travel, home improvement), scissors, cardboard
boxes, glue or tape, art supplies (green construction paper, pipe cleaners,
aquarium plants, and so on), toy people, and toy vehicles
Provide small pieces of wood, card-
board, sticks, playdough, glue, and
other supplies to encourage children
to build miniature houses and
neighborhoods. AMPT
Provide many house keys for sort-
ing, tracing, stringing, and trying in
locks. Talk about locking doors for
safety reasons.

MPT Read and discuss the book Houses
and Homes by Ann Morris. Read and
discuss books related to homeless-
ness, such as Fly Away Home by Eve
Bunting. LE
Go on a walk or field trip to see many
different kinds of homes, including
some of the children’s homes if pos-
sible. Talk about the similarities and
the differences in objective terms.