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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET You will call a person listed in your area and get his or her identification number, which you will enter on your application form (Council for Professional Recognition 2013). If you are choosing a PD Specialist from among people you know, it is important to consider whether any ethical conflicts of interest related to your particular relationship may interfere or even disqualify the person from serving as a PD Specialist for you. Here are some restrictions the Council has set forth about conflicts of interest: A person may not, under any circumstances, serve as your PD Specialist if the person fits these descriptions: • An immediate relative, such as your mother, father, sibling, spouse, son, or daughter • Someone who is currently your direct supervisor • A co-worker who teaches in the same group or classroom where you work The Council also has a listing of other circumstances that warrant careful thought, as they may also be considered conflicts of interest: • Someone who is your indirect supervisor • A trainer, either direct or indirect • Any person or representative of an organization that has fi- nancial or contractual considerations related to you or who may benefit in some way from your credentialing outcome • Your employer • A co-worker employed in the same facility, but not in your group or classroom • Someone who is your peer or friend • Any person who may hold a personal or professional bias toward or against you or any group to which you belong • A licensing agent The decision to choose an individual who fits one of these categories is up to you and the particular PD Specialist. As you begin to work together, you will both sign a Statement of Ethics (Council for Professional Recognition 2013). As you can see, this process involves multiple steps. You should not have to go through this credentialing process alone. Even if you are the first teacher in your program to do this, someone should be supporting you and offering help. Perhaps Facts about the Child Development Associate (CDA) MATERIAL and Process COPYRIGHTED Credential 15