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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 3. Demonstrate The CDA Exam and the verification visit can be scheduled in any order the candidate wishes. The CDA Exam is taken on a com- puter at a Pearson VUE Testing Center and consists of multiple- choice questions geared to the candidate’s particular CDA setting. The verification visit consists of three parts: 1. Review: The PD Specialist will look over the candidate’s documentation, including the Professional Portfolio. G You will need to have your Professional Portfolio com- pleted before the verification visit. 2. Observe: The PD Specialist will observe the candidate working in her setting with young children for a two- hour period. 3. Reflect: The candidate will have a reflective dialogue with the PD Specialist about her professional strengths and areas that can be improved, along with setting some goals for professional development. The first two parts of the verification visit—review and observe —are scored using the Comprehensive Scoring Instrument that is at the back of the Competency Standards book. 4. Earn The PD Specialist submits scores for the observation and the verifica- tion visit within forty-eight hours of completion. These scores, along with the score for the CDA Exam, are combined for a cumulative score to determine the decision for credentialing. If this score meets the Council’s requirement, the CDA Credential will be awarded and mailed to the candidate. If not, the candidate will be notified and pro- vided with information about appeal procedures and other options. 5. Renew The CDA Credential must be renewed every three years. Several pieces of documentation, along with a fee, are submitted along with the Renewal Application. (Council for Professional Recognition, 2013) The Professional Development Specialist The PD Specialist must meet the requirements listed in the Competency Standards book: • Have Internet access • Possess a working e-mail address Facts about the Child Development Associate (CDA) MATERIAL and Process COPYRIGHTED Credential 13