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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET profession need to stay current to provide the best care and educa- tion for young children. Is Financial Assistance Available to Help Pay for My Training? Some state and local organizations offer financial assistance for training as well as for the CDA assessment fees. For example, twenty-three states currently participate in a Teacher Education and Compensation Helps (T.E.A.C.H.) program. This program, which originated in North Carolina, gives scholarships to child care workers to complete coursework in early childhood education and to increase their compensation. To learn more about this program and to see a listing of participating states, you can visit the Child Care Services Association website ( The Council for Professional Recognition has a link on its website for CDA Scholarship Funding, which provides information state by state ( You will also want to inquire through your employer or local early childhood professional association for more information about financial assistance. You may also be able to find free or low- cost training through your local resource and referral agency (Council for Professional Recognition 2006). Do I Have to Provide Some Kind of Proof That I Had This Training? Each agency or organization providing the training must provide proof of the candidate’s education by means of a letter, certificate, or transcript. The candidate will break down the 120 hours into the required subject areas on the Summary of My CDA Education sheet in the Professional Portfolio. Are There Different Types of CDA Endorsements? A candidate may choose from several different CDA endorsements, each in a different setting: • Center-based infant/toddler • Center-based preschool • Family child care • Home visitor 6 Chapter 1 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL