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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET I 8 Introduction U sing the Book Winning Ways for Early Childhood Professionals: Being a Supervisor has eight supervisory concepts that will enhance and improve your leadership skills: 1 Admitting You’re the Supervisor 2 Helping Adults Succeed 3 Creating a Culture That Encourages Input and Allows for Mistakes 4 Motivating Adults through Delegation 5 Communicating Consistently and Honestly 6 Following Through 7 Staying Connected 8 Setting the Tone winning ways Throughout, you’ll feel encouraged, empowered, and equipped to guide adults with the same heart and expertise with which you guide children. There are several ways to use the book: i Read the entire book on your own and become a better supervisor. i Use the book as a reference guide and read the chapters that specifi- cally target your skill needs. i Connect with other supervisors and read the book, discussing each chapter as you go or when you have finished the entire book. i Create an eight-week or eight-session leadership course for supervi- sors in your program or community. Meet at a regularly scheduled time and use the self-assessment form as a tool to guide your training. i Use the book to equip early childhood education students in colleges and universities with the confidence they need to work with adults in the field. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL