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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Admit You’re the Supervisor I 19 q Some Similarities in Guiding Children and Guiding Adults Guiding Adults Relationships Develops individual relation- ships with each child Develops individual relation- ships with each staff member Skills Celebrates current skills Recognizes and builds on current skills Expectations Conveys simple, age- appropriate expectations Provides job descriptions and clear expectations Emotions Validates children’s emotions and helps them to express their emotions appropriately Listens to staff members’ feelings and encourages a solution-oriented attitude Conflict Helps children learn to resolve confl ict Guides staff members to resolve confl ict on their own and helps when necessary Behavior Redirects children to appro- priate behavior Coaches staff members to meet job expectations Self-Sufficiency Gives children opportunities to learn self-help skills Delegates to help staff members become more self-suffi cient COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL being a supervisor Guiding Children