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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET I 18 Chapter 1 There are more things we do with children, but let’s take the preceding list and see how it can be applied to adults. As a supervisor, you can use the skills you use with children to coach and guide adults. In fact, your experience in the classroom gives you an edge that other professionals don’t have as they move up the ladder. You can guide adults by: i Developing an individual relationship with each staff member. i Assessing and recognizing a staff member’s current skills and giving her opportunities to enhance and develop new skills. i Providing a specific job description and clear expectations for the staff member. i Listening to a staff member’s feelings of accomplishment, anger, or frustration, but expecting a solution-oriented attitude and united front. i Helping the staff member resolve conflict with others. i Redirecting and coaching a staff member to be more successful. i Delegating tasks to a staff member that give her more opportunities to be self-suffi cient. winning ways Isn’t it amazing how so many of the goals we have for children are the same as those for adults? Of course, with adults we expect greater accountability and responsibility. So you see, you have the skills to get started as a supervisor; you just need to apply them. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL