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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Admit You’re the Supervisor 5 I 17 I work to gain the respect of staff, not their approval. Always Usually Sometimes Never What are some of the ways that you know your staff respects or is beginning to respect you? q Being a Master Supervisor Use Your Skills with Children to Guide Adults What does a master teacher do? How does she engage the children? A master teacher: i Develops individual relationships with each child. i Celebrates a child’s current skills and gives him opportunities to enhance and develop new skills. i Provides a routine and clear expectations for the child. i Validates a child’s feelings of accomplishment, anger, or frustration. i Helps the child resolve conflict with others. i Redirects the child to appropriate behavior. i Gives the child opportunities to learn self-help skills. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL being a supervisor If you’re really a master teacher, then you can be a master supervisor by apply- ing the same techniques and skills to adults as you did with children; just lose the sweetsy voice. Too bad adults aren’t as cute as kids. Being a supervisor doesn’t mean you’re unfair or harsh. It means assum- ing authority, helping people, and also holding them accountable for their actions. Being a good supervisor means helping adults to be the very best they can be. So admit you’re the supervisor and do the very best job you can.