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1 I 1 I accept and feel comfortable in my role as supervisor. I Always I Usually I Sometimes I Never DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Admit You’re the Supervisor q Did q How Supervisor? You Get Here? Why Are You a Are you wondering, “How did I get here? Why am I the supervi- sor?” If you’re like most of us, you entered this profession to work with children, not necessarily adults. And here you are, a supervi- sor, responsible for making sure others do what they’re supposed to do, making sure others get to work on time, and making sure others work well with children. You’re probably thinking, “Hey, that was my job, working with children.” Here’s what happened. You were a good teacher, a good employee, someone with a “get things done” mentality, and others recognized that. Now they want you to be responsible for teaching other adults to do what you do. The great thing is that now you have an oppor- tunity to have a positive impact on a greater number of people, and thus a greater number of children. The hard part is that most mas- ter teachers do what they do naturally, and making that leap from teacher to supervisor can take some work. But you can do it! q How Do You Feel about Being a Supervisor? It’s no mistake that you picked up this book. People who read want to learn more, and you want to learn more about supervision. You might be a supervisor or be thinking about supervising; or maybe a col- league or even your supervisor is encouraging you to read this book. How do you feel about being a supervisor? You may be in one of the following positions: I 12 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL