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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET I 10 Introduction I SELF-ASSESSMENT How Are You Doing at Being a Supervisor? Take the following assessment to see how you’re doing at being a supervisor. Great supervising can look different from person to person, but assessment centers on activities and attitudes common to all supervisors. Be honest with yourself so that you can really assess your skills as a supervisor. Every supervi- sor has new things to learn. Understanding your current approach to super- vising can help you use your strengths and focus on areas for improvement and enhancement. 1 I accept and feel comfortable in my role as supervisor. Always 2 winning ways Usually Sometimes Never Usually Sometimes Never Usually Sometimes Never Usually Sometimes Never I know and connect with each of my employees regularly to give encouragement and to address problems. Always 8 Never I follow through on the tasks and priorities I’ve promised for myself and my team. Always 7 Sometimes I communicate information and feedback consistently and honestly to those I supervise. Always 6 Usually I motivate the adults on my team by delegating meaningful tasks. Always 5 Never I encourage input from my team and understand that mistakes happen. Always 4 Sometimes I help adults succeed by making my expectations clear and reasonable. Always 3 Usually Usually Sometimes Never I set a positive, approachable tone for the rest of my staff. Always Usually Sometimes COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Never