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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Business / Child Care Work with your tax preparer to complete your return with accuracy There are many unique tax rules that affect your family child care business: Time-Space percentage, Food Program and food expenses, general house expenses, and more. The Family Child Care 2013 Tax Companion is a comprehensive tool that will help your tax preparer understand your business. Using this resource will increase your confidence in the tax professional who prepares your return, help you identify potential errors before your taxes are filed, and ensure that your tax preparer is claiming all allowable deductions. The Tax Companion contains: • A list of new tax law changes that affect your business, including the new IRS Safe Harbor Rule, a new option to claim house expenses • A series of worksheets and checklists that correlate with specific IRS tax forms (Form 8829, Form 4562, and Schedule C) • A line-by-line commentary on key IRS tax forms, which will help you and your tax professional understand exactly where your business deductions should be claimed • A guide to finding a good tax professional in your community • A description of how to work with and resolve problems with a tax professional Once you fill out the worksheets in this book, give the book to your tax professional to use as a guide as he or she completes your tax forms. When you get your forms back from your tax professional, compare them with what is on your worksheets. This will help you ensure your business expenses were properly deducted. It also serves as a record of how your tax return was completed in case you are ever audited by the IRS. About the Author Tom Copeland, JD, has written numerous books on business issues for the family child care field. He trains thousands of providers and tax professionals each year on record keeping, taxes, marketing, contracts, legal issues, and other business topics. ISBN 978-1-60554-328-4 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $17.95