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Toddlers and Twos Are Amazing I 17 Social and Emotional Development Two-year-olds Want to do things independently Have temper tantrums Play by themselves or beside other children May play with other children Have difficulty sharing May be possessive May not remember rules View themselves as the center of the world Are becoming more self-aware Show increasing fears Have rapid mood shifts (their emotions are usually very intense, but thankfully short lived) Like routine Play simple pretend games Assert themselves by saying no Sometimes do the opposite of what is asked Imitate the behavior of adults and others Become frustrated easily Refuse help Language and Cognitive Development One-year-olds Two-year-olds Are curious Point to objects that they want Imitate animal sounds Name familiar people and objects Combine two words to form a basic sentence Use the pronouns me and mine Name body parts and familiar pictures Use objects for their intended purpose Have short attention spans Follow simple directions Use three or more words in combination Express their feelings and wishes Use objects to represent other objects Have limited attention spans Can memorize short rhymes Join in simple songs Think about doing something before doing it Want to make choices understanding toddlers and twos One-year-olds