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I 16 Chapter 1 Some Developmental Milestones of Toddlers Although every child is different and toddlers develop at varying rates, here are some things you can expect from them. Since development during the second and third year happens so rapidly, I divided the milestones into an approximate lists of what one-year-olds and two-year-olds can do. Knowing what they like to do and what their emerging skills are will help you build a routine and environment that supports their development. For example, if toddlers like to move, and they do, how and where can they move in your program? Physical Development Two-year-olds Walk without support (usually by 14 months) Walk backward (usually by two years) Walk upstairs Feed themselves (expect a mess!) Drink from a cup with help (antici- pate spills) Stack blocks Scribble winning ways One-year-olds Move (they are generally more active than at any other point in their lives) Run, climb, and walk up and down stairs alone Dig Throw balls Kick balls Jump with two feet together Stand on tiptoes Take things apart and put them back together