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Toddlers and Twos Are Amazing I will become a social being while maintaining my uniqueness and individuality. i I will grow and develop in an environment that is safe and healthy. i I will test all the limits by using my actions to check the reactions of people and things. i I will use my body to determine the properties of people, things, and space. i I will explode with energy because I love using my body to move about. i I will explode with frustration because I have little patience. i I will be contrary by refusing, defying, and resisting others because I am learning that I can exert control. i I will be cooperative as much as I can. i I will be responsible when I can. i I will act silly because being silly is fun. i I will experience separation intensely at times; since I have real fears when the ones I love leave me. i I will develop self-confidence as I do things on my own and adults reassure me and show me approval. i I will give hugs and blow kisses to show my love. i I will snuggle on laps or cling to legs to feel safe and comfortable. i I will expect the unconditional acceptance and love of the adults who educate and care for me. i I will expect adults to accept and appreciate the wonderful person that I am. 15 understanding toddlers and twos i I