Introduction 5
How Preschoolers Learn Best 10
Helping Preschoolers Succeed 22
Interacting with Preschoolers 34
How Preschoolers Communicate 42
Helping Preschoolers with Separation 52
Helping Preschoolers Learn to Rest and Relax 62
Guiding Preschoolers’ Behavior 72
Certificate of Achievement

From the Desk of Gigi Schweikert
Dear Winning Ways Reader
(and Preschool Teacher),
I absolutely love being a teacher. These days, I teach mostly
adults who teach children. Teaching is something I never
tire of and always find exciting, and I completely lose all
sense of time when I’m in the classroom or speaking at a
conference. There’s nothing I would rather do. Do you feel That’s me doin
g what I
most, wor
love the same way?
king with
children. Earlier in my career, I spent many years teaching preschoolers at the United
Nations Child Care Centre in New York City. The children in my class were from
all over the world. Although the preschoolers were each unique in appearance, lan-
guage, culture, and temperament, what was most interesting to me was that despite
those significant differences, their approach to learning, their interactions with the
world and others, and their joy of life were strikingly similar. They all loved to run
on the playground. They all loved to play in water. They all loved books. They all
loved to learn. They were all preschoolers.

Although English was our primary language, many times the children didn’t speak
the same language, but they played alongside one another just the same and always
giggled at the same things. In my experience, preschool development is pretty
universal. Whether you’re new to the field or a veteran preschool teacher of many years,
I think you’ll find the information in this Winning Ways book, Understanding
Preschoolers, helpful. You’ll learn a few things—I did during my research—and
you’ll be reminded of how important your job as an early childhood professional
really is: helping all preschooler you work with to learn and grow and be the best
that they can be.

After you finish reading the book, please e-mail me with your own thoughts, ideas,
and own stories about working with preschoolers at

I’d love to hear from you.

Children deserve our winning ways,