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I Introduction Design 8 How Is the Understanding Preschoolers Workbook Designed for Training? The workbook is designed so participants will i Experience active learning by participating in discussions, solving problems, applying their new knowledge to their current work situation, and getting re-energized about working in the early childhood field i Connect their current knowledge with the new material and have opportunities to talk about and share common concerns and issues regarding team building i Gain practical knowledge and tips to begin using in their programs immediately How to Use Understanding Preschoolers in Trainings? You can use this book for a variety of training needs and situations. Here are some examples: i Group of teachers from a classroom i Administrative team i Community outreach i Lunch and learn i Recruiting tool i Staff meeting i Local conference i In-service day i Partnership of several programs winning ways Simply format the questions at the end of each chapter as the basis for a workshop series I Self-Assessment How Much Do You Understand about Preschoolers? Take the following self-assessment to see how much you understand about preschoolers. The assessment focuses on how to work most effectively with this age group. I think those new to the field will learn some fresh perspec- tives, and veterans can always use a little reminder! As you read each of the statements on the next page and circle the frequency that best describes your understanding of preschoolers, try to focus on how this information can help you improve your interactions with children. Be honest with your- self. Just because you know that a certain practice is good for preschoolers doesn’t mean you always do it. Understanding your current attitudes and actions toward preschoolers is the starting point for improving your role as