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I 14 Chapter 1 The Development of Preschoolers Although most preschoolers display certain characteristics in the areas of physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth, each preschooler is unique; and they all grow and develop at their own pace. Some do so more quickly, and with others, the skills take longer to emerge. Here’s a simple list of what you can expect from most preschoolers. Physically Socially Preschoolers are on the move! Typically they can Preschoolers are forming relationships with adults and children outside their families. Typically they can winning ways Run with more control over speed and direction Jump over things Hop on one foot Climb up and down playground equipment Clap hands and move legs in rhythm Manipulate small toys and fasten and unfasten zippers, buttons, and Velcro Draw with writing utensils and use scis- sors with greater control Play alone or with others Play pretend games with or without objects Play pretend games with a group Take turns Share an item Show empathy or concern for someone who is sad or hurt Show delight for someone who is happy Emotionally Cognitively Since children have such different temperaments, some shy, others hesi- tant, and many ready to jump right in, this area usually has the broadest difference in children’s development. Typically preschoolers can In our culture, linguistic develop- ment—the ability to speak well—is often what people look for as an indica- tor of intelligence. Keep in mind that not all children are vocal in a group set- ting or when they are away from their parents. Typically preschoolers can Separate easily from parents Allow someone to comfort them during stress Adapt to change in routine Use words to express feelings of anger Participate in activities Play with peers Smile and appear happy most of the time Speak so others can understand them Ask questions Follow simple instructions Show a sense of humor Understand stories Make simple judgments Imitate others