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I 6 Introduction Who Should Read and Use the Understanding Infants Workbook? Understanding Infants is intended for anyone who works with infants or is thinking about working with them and anyone who works with adults who works with infants: Veteran Educators Those of you who have worked with infants for many years and may even be caring for the children of the children they used to care for. That doesn’t make you old, just seasoned! New Teachers Those who have just started working with infants. New educators are so excited about their role that most of you are eager to learn as much as you can and from as many sources as possible. This book is definitely for you! Career Seekers Those who are considering becoming infant teachers. The early childhood field needs trained, enthusiastic, active individuals to care for and educate infants. College Students Adult students in early childhood programs in colleges and universities. Trainers Early childhood professionals facilitating seminars and workshops. Professors Academics teaching adult students in early childhood programs in colleges and universities. Program Supervisors Directors and other administrators who want to bet- winning ways ter support and train the staff in their infant program. Using This Book Understanding Infants is divided into eight topics that you can read in their entirety or you can select a topic that helps with an issue where you need guidance. Although reading the entire book will give you the greatest insight into understanding infants, each topic can stand alone as an educational or training tool. Here’s what the book covers: 1 Working with Infants 5 How Infants Communicate 2 Infants Are Amazing 6 Helping Infants Settle and Sleep 3 Individualized Care for Infants 7 How Infants Learn 4 Interacting with Infants 8 Guiding Infant Behavior