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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments T his book was written late at night and on weekends, sand- wiched between family and work life. It bears my name only, but, as I’m sure it is with most books, this one was a group effort. To begin with, the thinking and framework for this review of early childhood theory was a collaborative effort with my friend and colleague Jeannette Stone. It was always “our” project! The manuscript was refined thanks to the computer skills and energy of Marguerite Shanelaris. I am grateful to so many colleagues at New Hampshire Head Start and the New Hampshire Child Care Association for sharing their stories and classrooms with me. When I grew weary, I was forced back on track by the special friendship and support of Jay Munson, Sue Cloutier, and Pat Meattey. I am grateful to my many students at the Granite State College and the New Hampshire Community Technical Colleges who convinced me of the need for the book. I appreciate the opportunity Redleaf Press has given me to bring the seed of this book to fruition. My editor, Beth Wallace, convinced me I could get it done and offered humor and support along the way. Finally, I thank my children: Sean, for decades of support of my writing and the book on Vygotsky. Brian, for offering humor when I needed it and for forcing me to enter the computer age. ix COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL