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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 12 Freshersize Purpose To increase the amount of time children spend freely outdoors   Materials Various  Procedure Here are some ways to have fun “freshersizing”: • Set up pop-up tents to make an instant campground for dramatic outdoor play. • Observe the weather. • Spend time outdoors in all sorts of weather. Dressing and undressing a group of preschoolers in their winter gear can be a huge job, but the pros far outweigh the cons—so go for it! Children do not have to have a fancy play area with a lot of equipment. They love to dig, poke, haul, collect, chase, and discover on their own.  Suggestions If nothing else, remember that when preschool children dance in rain, jump in leaves, listen to snow crunch underfoot, immerse hands inside slimy pumpkins, pet rabbits, and smell the earth while it’s awakening in spring, they are experiencing the physical world firsthand. This is how the world comes to life for them and how they come to life. Go to to watch the video The Power of Rest! Creating Calm  19 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL