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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 8 Hoberman Sphere Purpose To help children learn breath awareness  Materials A Hoberman sphere, which is a structure resembling a geodesic dome. It can be folded down to a fraction of its normal size in a magical motion that mesmerizes adults and children. This visual really helps children learn breath awareness. Hoberman spheres are available online at Amazon and can be bought at Target and Walmart. They come in mega, mini, and micro sizes. For more information, visit  Procedure Take out the sphere, and use it as a prop during circle time to practice deep breathing. You can also use it with individual children. As you breathe in, expand the sphere, and as you exhale, contract the sphere. The action really helps children learn breath awareness and create calm. Don’t let the fact that the toy isn’t indestructible deter you from buying it. Creating Calm  13 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL