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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Early Childhood / Teaching Methods Learn the art and skill of o b s e r v at i o n The art of observing children is more than merely the act of watching them—it is also using what you see and hear to craft new opportunities in your classroom. This resource provides a wealth of inspiration and practice. It will help you learn to observe in new ways. You’ll witness children’s remarkable competencies as they experience childhood, and you’ll find new joy in your work with children. Inside, you will find • Deb Curtis and Margie Carter have coauthored several best- selling Redleaf Press books Ten study sessions to help you advance your skills and practice observing children from different points of view together. They are the founders of Harvest Resources Associates, a partnership to inspire early Stories, photographs, and classroom reflections modeling the ways observation can be used and displayed in your own teaching childhood providers and • Activities to help you notice and appreciate what you see years of experience teaching • New ideas and strategies to organize your observations, share them with colleagues and families, and apply them to planning and assessment processes • • Emphasis on cultural awareness, observing through an objective lens, and using technology as an observation tool educators to invest fully in their own professional learning. Deb and Margie each have over thirty young children and adults in a variety of settings. They have led many professional development initiatives and presented for large and small organizations across North America, Australia, and New Zealand. By learning the art and skill of observation, you can improve your teaching and help children grow and learn. ISBN 978-1-60554-086-3 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $44.95