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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Study Session: Learning to See 37 Magic Eye 3-D Designs Locate some Magic Eye postcards, calendar pictures, or books, such as Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World (by N.E. Thing Enterprises). You can also check out a Magic Eye website at Put the design right up to your nose and very, very slowly pull it away from your face. Look through the image without focusing on it. Try not to blink, and you will dis- cover a hidden image that will magically appear. The key here is to let go of the expectation of seeing something. Only when you do this and really look into the design will an image appear. This is a tricky but useful activity in letting go of expectations and seeing what actually appears. Spot the Difference/Find the Details The ability to see details and distinctions does not come easily, nor without practice. A fun way to develop these skills is through the use of spot-the- difference children’s books. You can do them alone or with a partner. There are many of these books available in libraries and bookstores. Here is a list of a few favorites: • I SPY from Scholastic Books. There are several of these books available. They challenge you to find specific objects among myriad objects based on a theme or a riddle. • Look! The Ultimate Spot-the-Difference Book by A. J. Wood. At first glance the lush pictures on facing pages seem identical; but take a closer look and discover fascinating dif­ferences. • Metamorphosis: The Ultimate Spot-the-Difference Book by Mike Wilks. This is a much more complex spot-the-difference book. It has illustrations and text to compare on facing pages. Adding to its complexity, the underlying theme throughout the book is the cycle of life. Visual Perception Games Another way to heighten your ability to notice details is to play games designed around visual perception. These can be played in a group or turned into a game of solitaire. Two great examples are the card game Set™, designed and distributed by Set Enterprises, Inc.,, and the board game Blokus®, designed by Mattel. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL