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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Two Voices within a Teacher I’m an early childhood teacher I think of my work as very demanding very stimulating It’s as if I’m an air traffic controller an architect designing an environment for discovery a gardener, tilling the soil, planting seeds for a love of learning trying to keep everyone on course and prevent collisions a bodyguard teaching the children how to share and get along with others The learning environment I create is clean and organized. I’m always buying new curriculum materials and learning games I arrange things with discovery and beauty in mind, choosing things from nature and loose parts for play in the classroom If I could just get the children to sit still and listen take time to sit and listen to them I could teach them what they need to be ready for school discover their questions and encourage their curiosity so they’ll be excited about learning I’m worried they don’t learn enough when they just play they don’t get enough time to play There’s so little time to get everything I’ve planned done Children need to be challenged to pay close attention and follow directions to experience the wonder of childhood Children must have time to race down the hill, splash through that puddle, sit under a tree, and gaze at the clouds COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL