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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET x  Acknowledgments to children. Shannon McClelland, Kasondra Brown, Sanjuana Frank, Fran Brockington, Dana Hampton, Lorna Patterson, Patricia Hernandez, and Daisy Machac made contributions to this book from their teacher cohort work. Thanks to Betsy Surtshin and Victoria Varela of the Osher Marin JCC Child Development Center in San Rafael, California; Elizabeth Hicks, Christine Borgel, Cheryl Scott, and Cheryl Miller of the Point Pleasant Child Care Centres of Halifax, Nova Scotia; and Darlene Nantarath of the Acorn School in Toronto, Ontario. Yvonne Walker and Megan Montoya in the Phoenix, Arizona, area sent us detailed observations of the competencies of the spe- cial needs children with whom they work. Sue Briton of the Paradise Valley Community College Cohort Project in Phoenix made stories and photos avail- able from our work there. We are deeply appreciative of the inspiring work of our colleagues in Aotearoa, New Zealand, for the way they have taught us about including whānau families in documentation and the use of learning stories as both an assessment tool and professional development vehicle. Our study of their remarkable work and ongoing visits to centers have truly enhanced our under- standings. Special thanks to Lorraine Manuel, Hanna Fale, and Jen Boyd at Tots Corner; Thelma Chapman at Awhi Whānau Early Childhood Centre; Karen Wiley at Te Puna Kohungahunga; Jenny Jones at Magic Garden Care and Education Centre; Adrienne Wilkins, Maria Riepen, and Emma Parsons at Sophia’s Preschool; Chris Bayes and Gemma Smith in the Foundations Class at the Diocesan School for Girls; Wendy Lee at the Educational Leadership Project; and Margaret Carr at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Gratitude to Peg Callaghan, Nancy Gerber, Donna King, and Kelly Ramsey, colleagues who continue to bring us photos and detailed stories about their time with children. Thanks to Kerry Ruef and the folks at the Private Eye who first intro- duced us to—and generously supplied us with—jeweler’s loupes. And to Paul Fleishman who inspired us with his poems in two voices. Our appreciation goes to David Heath, Douglas Schmitz, and the entire team at Redleaf Press who continue to strengthen the coherence and presen- tation of our work and help us to communicate our message to the early child- hood field. They are a pleasure to work with. And, as always, we are grateful to our families and friends, who continue to believe in and support us even as we get consumed by book projects. Their encouragement to pursue our passion for children and those who care for them makes it possible for us to do this work. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL