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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL earlY ChIldhood eduCatIoN / teChNologY INtegrate teChNologY into your ClaSSroom and helP ChIldreN develop skills they need as they learN and grow technology is rapidly changing the ways we live our lives and interact with the world. It’s also changing how you teach. technology can enhance your classroom’s complete curriculum and assessment and help you create and capture meaningful experiences, support inquiry, and expand your classroom’s walls. this comprehensive framework will help you select and use a variety of technology and interactive media tools in your classroom—including digital cameras, audio recorders, webcams, publication and presentation tools, and multi-touch mobile devices. reflecting Technology in Early Childhood Programs, the joint position statement of the National association for the education of Young Children and the Fred rogers Center, Teaching in the Digital Age includes • developmentally appropriate and effective strategies to use technology to facilitate children’s learning • links to video clips that provide a deeper look at how these practices are used in real classrooms • Forms to help you plan, reflect on, and evaluate how you use technology to help children learn “as a gifted classroom teacher and technology innovator, Brian preaches what he practices. he’s given educators a rare gift—a book that clearly connects child development and developmentally appropriate practices with new technology and offers an invitation to explore, play, and learn. this is a book to experience, not just to read. It’s full of real classroom stories and photos, practical tips, technology recommendations, and Qr codes that link to video clips and resources. along the way, you’ll be engaged, encouraged, and gently nudged toward intentional, effective, and integrated use of technology in your classroom—and you’ll really enjoy the journey.” — ChIP doNohue, Phd, director of distance learning and director of the teC Center, erikson Institute BrIaN PuerlINg, a National Board Certified teacher and graduate of the erikson Institute, is the director of education technology at the Catherine Cook School in Chicago. he is a former preschool teacher, a member of the National association for the education of Young Children’s tech and Young Children Interest Forum, serves on the Sesame workshop teacher Council, is active with the Chicago metro aeYC, and a popular presenter at national conferences. Visit his website: ISBN 978-1-60554-118-1 Order Teaching in the Digital Age Today COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $39.95