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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET chapter 1 Are You a Reflective Teacher? Assess Yourself Take some time to think about yourself and your approach to working with chil- dren. Use the following self-assessment to help focus your thoughts. Are You a Reflective Teacher? Assess yourself using the following elements of reflective teaching. Respond to each statement by writing always, often, sometimes, rarely, or never. ______________ 1. I examine my own reactions to children and their actions to understand their source. ______________ 2. I am curious about children’s play and watch it closely. ______________ 3. I document details of children’s conversations and activities. ______________ 4. I take time to study notes and photos to puzzle out what’s significant. ______________ 5. I eagerly share stories about children’s learning with families and coworkers. ______________ 6. I ask coworkers and children’s families for their insights. ______________ 7. I read professional literature to learn more. ______________ 8. I show children photos and stories of themselves to hear their views. ______________ 9. I use my observations and reflections to change the environment and materials to encourage new play and learning possibilities. Adapted from Reflecting Children’s Lives: A Handbook for Planning Your Child-Centered Curriculum, second edition, by Deb Curtis and Margie Carter, © 2011. Published by Redleaf Press, COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL  5