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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET acknowledgments We’d like to thank the many people who contributed stories, examples, and photos to this workbook, including Lorrie Baird and the staff of Kawartha Child Care Services; the Burlington Little School; Martin Luther King Day Home Center; United Way Bright Beginnings in Houston, Texas; Christie Colunga and colleagues at Paradise Valley Community College; Laura McAllister and Sound Child Care Solutions; Valerie Rajotte and Montgomery Child Care Association; Anne Hentschel; Kristie Norwood; and Ijumaa Jordan. We also thank our early childhood colleagues in New Zealand for inspiring us with their work on learn- ing stories and professional development. We are very grateful to David Heath, Carla Valadez, and the entire Redleaf Press team for their insights and skills. And we give a special thanks to our families for their patience, understanding, and continued support. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL  ix