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ED PR ESS S H E D BY ESS LEAF R ED PR PUB S H E D BY LI R LI Focus on positive character development in the early years and build pro-social values to help prevent bullying before it starts. Classroom and at-home activities help young children develop compassion for others in a peaceful, supportive learning environment. The Kindness Curriculum, Age focus: 3–5. Second Edition Softbound, 176 pgs. #541242-X $24.95 PUB NEW! 93 activities to teach pro-social values Gain confidence in helping children deal with stress, trauma, and violence. Each activity is based on sound theory and offers guidance to help children survive, thrive, and heal. Age focus: 3–10. Softbound, 144 pgs. Making It Better #304401-X $19.95 Behavior/Guidance 70+ activities for self-healing, empathy, and empowerment LEAF #542560-X $24.95 A poignant look at stress in young children Follow a group of very young children as they experience chronic stress. This program explores the causes and effects of stress in early childhood, including how cortisol levels can be correlated with specific points of daily stress. Age focus: 1–2. DVD, 57 min. Support healthy social and emotional development Create a positive classroom environment Life at 1: Stress and Its Impact #676327-X $169.95 CD- ROM Help your staff members teach children about self-control Explore anger and how young children can gradually learn the self-control necessary to manage it. A facilitator’s guide, handout masters, video components, CD-ROM, and supplemental materials are included with the three-hour training. Age focus: 3–5. 3-ring binder. Help children with these developmentally appropriate activities This book can be used separately or to complement the What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? workshop. Age focus: 3–5. Spiral, 60 pgs. What Do You Do with the Mad that You Feel? Activity Book #150221-X $12.95 CD- M What Do You Do RO with the Mad that You Feel? Facilitator’s Guide #150231-X $164.95 Respond to inappropriate behaviors with a variety of proven techniques. A comprehensive trainer’s guide includes handouts, resources, a posttest, and certificate of participation (as a PDF file on the DVD). DVD, 23 Highly Successful min. Bilingual English/Spanish. Strategies to Guide Young Children’s Closed- Behavior Captioned. #835001-X $89.95 CD- ROM Concept Clips Seven concept clips and a trainer’s guide are included. #835002-X $89.95 Shop Online at CD- ROM 27