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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction: The Wonders and Challenges of Teaching Young Children 1 Chapter 1: Implementing Curriculum through the Planning/Observation/ Individualization Cycle 13 Chapter 2: Planning and Reflection Frameworks 33 Chapter 3: Embedding Learning Goals and Academics in Play, Daily Routines, and Teacher-Led Group Activities 71 Chapter 4: Planning and Sustaining High-Level Play in Preschool and Kindergarten 101 Chapter 5: Individualization and Differentiation: Each Child Is Different 125 Chapter 6: Planning for More Child-Initiated Than Adult-Led Activities 161 Chapter 7: Building Relationships and Communicating with Families 185 Chapter 8: Integrating Authentic Assessment and Curriculum 197 Chapter 9: Revisiting the Planning/Observation/Individualization Cycle 229 Appendix A: Planning and Reflection Frameworks 237 Weekly Planning and Reflection Framework Preschool Weekly Planning and Reflection Framework Kindergarten Weekly Planning and Reflection Framework Weekly Planning and Reflection Framework Infant/Toddler Appendix B: Learning Goals for Play Areas 250 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL vii