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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Introduction works presented in this book will provide meaningful options and possi- bilities for professionals in the field of early childhood education. Applying the Frameworks to Other Settings Throughout this book, I refer to teachers and classrooms. The frameworks and curricular processes shared here can be used in preschool, pre-K (prekindergarten), and kindergarten classrooms in both private and public programs. In addition, they can be used in family child care settings as well as child care centers and nursery schools. Furthermore, special educators may apply the recommendations in this book to their work with young children with special needs. I invite those in different settings to consider the ideas shared and to make adaptations for their settings. In using the word teacher, I mean to include any adult who works with young children. Field-Testing the Frameworks Several early childhood professionals graciously agreed to share their expe- riences with planning for play, observation, and learning in their preschool and kindergarten classrooms. Their input is very important to me. I never want to make suggestions that are not based in real, everyday classroom life. Therefore, I am deeply grateful to my colleagues who have agreed to contribute to this book. You will see comments from these early childhood professionals throughout the chapters and learn more about their successes and chal- lenges with the planning process. They represent a variety of programs around the country. All of them have extensive experience working with young children, and all of them gave me honest, constructive feedback. Let me tell you about each one of them. • Mary Bliss: Mary is currently Executive Director of the Chris- tina Kent Early Childhood Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The program is a nonprofit preschool, enrolling children two to five years old, and has been serving working low-income families since 1919. Mary and her staff apply the principles and philoso- phy of Reggio Emilia in their staff development and practice. She COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 7