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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET viii Contents Case Study: Handling the Loss of Funding 40 Making Y   our Contract and Policies  Work for Everyone 41 4. Building Partnerships with Families: Preventing Sticky Situations and Promoting Clear Expectations 49 When Teachers Babysit for Program Families 50 Case Study: Pros and Cons of Babysitting 50 Authorized Lists for Pickup 54 Case Study: Documenting Custody Rights 54 Instituting a Safe-Departure Policy 59 Case Study: Safety Concerns at Release Time 59 Introducing New Policies to Families 66 5. Keeping Y   our Child Care Center Safe for Everyone: Prevention Strategies 67 Your Legal Duty 67 An Ounce of Prevention 68 Caring for Sick and Injured Children 70 Keeping Children Safe  When Outside and  Away 73 Child Abuse 74 Sex Offenders 79 6. Minority Rights: Whose Differences Are Protected? 81 Balancing Minority and Majority Needs 81 Immigrants in America 82 Case Study: Immigrant Family Rights 85 English-Language Learners 85 Case Study: Helping English-Language Learners 89 LGBT Children and Families 89 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL