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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Acknowledgments xi Introduction: “Can My Child Care Program Be Sued?” The Limits of  This Book 1. Knowing the Right Thing to Do: Guidance from Legal History, Legal Theory, and Brain Research xiii xiv 1 Are Your Decisions “Fair Enough” or “No Fair!”? 2 Is One Decision-Making Process Fairer Than the Other? 6 Due Process Model of Fairness 6 How Rational Are Our Decisions? 9 Codes of Ethics 11 Case Study: Reporting Suspected Abuse 12 2. Acting Ethically While Reducing the Risks of a Lawsuit 15 A Theoretical Framework to Reduce the Risks of a Lawsuit 15 Case Study: Handling Different Religious Beliefs 19 Self-Protection Checklist 21 3. Reducing Conflicts with Parents: Using Contracts and Policies Effectively 31 Setting Y   our Own Rules 32 Restrictions on Y   our Contract and Policies 33 Payment Schedules 37 Case Study: Offering Customized Payment Plans 37 Rate Structures 40 vii COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL