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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET x Contents Progressive Discipline Steps 130 Returning to Employment “At  Will” 134 Grounds for Immediate Termination 135 Confronting Difficult-to-Document Behavior 136 Complying with ADAAA Requirements on Disciplinary Action 141 Case Study: Disciplinary Action and Disability 141 Case Study: Addressing Highly Sensitive Issues 143 Confidentiality Requirements 144 10. Insurance: Are Y   ou Fully Covered? 145 What Does Insurance Protect? 145 Vehicle Insurance 148 Visitors and  Workers on Y   our Premises 149 Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance 149 Shopping for Insurance and an Insurance Agent 150 Insurance Coverage Limits 151 Liability Waivers 152 Appendix: Helpful Websites 153 References 159 Index 169 About the Authors 175 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL