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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents ix Case Study:  Addressing Concerns 92 Children with Disabilities 93 Case Study: Working with Parents 96 7. Privacy and Confidentiality in the Internet Age 97 Ethical and Legal Issues 97 Common Privacy Concerns 99 Internet Challenges 104 When Your Center’s Reputation Is Attacked on the Internet 106 Licensing Records 107 Staff Issues 108 8. Employee Hiring Process: Ethical and Legal Policies 111 Obtaining References of Substance 111 Case Study: Contacting References 115 Drafting Job Descriptions 116 Writing Job-Interview Questions 116 Asking Appropriate Interview Questions 117 Changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 119 Case Study: Disabilities and Reasonable Accommodations 120 Awareness of Cultural Differences in the Hiring Process 122 Case Study: Being Culturally Aware 122 9. Supervision Challenges: Stepping Up to the Plate 123 Facing the Discomfort of Confrontation 123 Case Study: Managing a Resistant Employee 123 The Probationary Period 127 Employment “At  Will” 128 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL