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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Preface ix Acknowledgments xiii 1. Our Way to Sincerity: Affirming Civility and Tolerance in Our Daily Work  1 2. Power Imbalances: Unwritten but Binding Social Contracts  19 3. Creating the Village: Building Relationships That Support Children  43 4. From the Universal to the Uniform: Considering Cultural and Diversity Standards across Our Personal and Professional Connections  63 5. Tomorrow’s Children Today: A Self-Assessment Approach to Multicultural Readiness  79 6. Technology: Reflecting on Resistance and Habits on the Way to Dynamic Change  95 7. CAT Spells Success: Curriculum, Assessment, and Teaching for Quality Learning Environments  109 8. Playing for Keeps: The Power of Laughter and Lightheartedness for Adults  127 9. Social-Emotional Competence: Are You Smarter Than a Two-Year-Old?  143 10. The Great Imposter: Unmasking the Burden of Self-Doubt in Our Professional Lives  165 11. Intentionality for the Well-Intended  181 12. Lessons Learned from the Bumps in the Road  201 About the Authors  219 Index 223 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL