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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits Food Preparation Expertise Goal: We ensure that those preparing food and meals are trained and knowledgeable about safe and healthful food preparation.   The program has not been cited for any nutritional or food service licensing violations within the past three years. (If violations have occurred, evidence of immediate resolution is required.)   Everyone preparing foods and meals is aware of and trained on:   food safety practices including, but not limited to, food handling, correct cooking and storage temperatures, and relevant hygiene practices   the nutritional content of the food being prepared and served   cooking techniques that contribute to flavor but do not add unwanted sugars, fats, or sodium Food Safety Goal: We consistently follow safe food handling, storage, and preparation practices.   Refrigerators in our program have accurate numerical temperature gauges that are checked for accuracy monthly.   Hot foods are cooled to room temperature before being put in the refrigerator or freezer.   All fruits and vegetables are washed thoroughly before preparation, even if labeled prewashed.   Utensils or surfaces that come in contact with raw meat are washed with soap and hot water immediately after use.   If meat is cooked on site, a meat thermometer is used, and a chart of safe temperatures for cooked meat is posted in a visible location in the kitchen.   Those preparing and cooking food follow strict hand-washing procedures and/or wear gloves to avoid transfer of germs and cross-contamination. 13 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL