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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Introduction When families and staff members actively support the wellness program, they learn about ways they can evaluate and adapt their wellness practices at home. So as you set and achieve your goals, you make an important difference for children and their families and for you and your staff members. Although this work will take time and commitment, the benefits will be significant. Most teachers first become engaged in working with young children because they have a desire to make a difference for children. What better way to make a difference than to start a child off on a path toward wellness and healthy development? Additional Resources We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to understand and achieve each indicator, so in the book’s appendixes, we provided a number of tools to help you implement or improve a practice. If we considered a resource to be essential to your understanding of a related indicator, we included it in the appendix. If we thought a resource would be helpful but not essential to completing an indicator, we provided a bit of information about the resource in the text. The annotated resources in the back of the book also describe a number of resources that, should you access them, will provide more in-depth information on topics addressed only broadly in Healthy Children, Healthy Lives. A number of resources and tips for best practices are also provided in sidebars found throughout the checklists. Healthy Children, Healthy Lives introduces and uses terms from early childhood education and other wellness-related fields. A glossary is included in the back of the book to help you use and understand terms that may be new to you. Terms that are defined in the glossary are presented in the text in bold type. Without a doubt you will want to celebrate the hard work you do using Healthy Children, Healthy Lives to improve children’s wellness. To help you promote your accomplishments, we have included a certificate of participation at the back of the book. You can proudly display the certificate to alert families and staff members to your dedication to children’s wellness. To support you in your work to engage and educate staff members and families on the importance of wellness, we also created Healthy Children, Healthy Lives Training and Resources: Reaching Staff and Families. This CD-ROM provides you with •  seven complete PowerPoint presentations—one staff training presentation for each of the six parts of the book and one overview presentation of the Healthy Children, Healthy Lives program for families and other stakeholders; •  handouts for each PowerPoint presentation; •  fifty-two Info to Go resource flyers for families focusing on a variety of wellness topics; and •  six Info to Go resource flyers for staff members focusing on how the wellness topics relate to their daily work. In addition, we have developed a Facebook page where we will regularly share tips and strategies, guide relevant discussions, promote best practice sharing, and communicate updates on important policies and initiatives. We know early childhood professionals all over the world have innovative practices and ideas related to children’s wellness. We want to ensure that all users of Healthy Children, Healthy Lives can interact with, support, and share ideas with one another. To that end, join us at xxiii COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL