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Introduction DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Action Plan Part: Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habit s Section: Healthy Eating Habits for Infants Goal: We support breast-feeding in our program. Indicator/Page Number Action Steps Resources Responsible Party The program offers new or pregnant mothers reliable information about the ben- efits of breast-feeding, p. 19 Add a family letter on breast-feeding to infant program folders Copies of family letter Assistant director Create a display in infant area featuring breast- feeding information Pictures and information from the CDC website Infant teacher Clean out small space adjacent to infant room Solicit volunteers from parent group Parent volunteers The program has a private and comfortable space set aside for mothers to use for breast-feeding or expressing breast milk on-site, p. 19 Infant teacher Purchase rocking chair, table, lamp, rug, and window curtain Funds from parent group fundraiser Director Arrange space with new furnishings NA Parent volunteers Create flyer for families of infants announcing new space Paper, ribbon cutting supplies Director xx COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL