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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments Every book, this one included, ultimately is a team effort. We wish to thank a number of very important members of our team who gave generously of their time and talents and helped to improve this work. First, thanks to the entire team at Redleaf Press. Each of you added a valuable “something” to the book, and it would be a lesser work without your perspective and dedication to the result. We would particularly like to thank the many content experts and reviewers who supported our efforts in developing this book. Some of you provided insight; others reviewed all or parts of the text. For all of these efforts, we are extremely grateful. Your expertise has helped to shape this work, and we acknowledge the value of your input. We hope that we have represented your insights well, and we regret any errors or omissions that may surface. Please know that these are entirely the responsibility of the authors. We’d also like to thank our families, who have patiently tolerated our absences while we were busily writing this book. They are such avid cheerleaders, they deserve their own pom-poms. Finally, but most importantly, we wish to acknowledge the many teachers, directors, family child care providers, and other professionals who work so hard to make the world a “well” place for young children. Your responsibilities are many, and we appreciate how dedicated you are to those you serve. ix COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL