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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Foreword   ix Acknowledgments   xiii Introduction   1 Chapter 1: Toddlers and Projects: Some Definitions 5 Chapter 2: Toddlers and Projects: Basic Practices 15 Chapter 3: First Steps: Exploring Project Materials and Themes 29 The Easel: Mastering Separation as Art Project 31 Rain Painting: Exploring Weather, Time, and Texture 37 The Big Pumpkin Project: Exploring Seasons with Paper and Paint 40 Wax Resist: An Early Multistep Project 45 Gluing Projects: Variations on a Reggio Classic 51 Birthday Crowns: Using Cultural Traditions as Inquiry Projects 60 The Lei See Project: Parts to a Whole 65 Chapter 4: Discovering Sequences and Symbols The Canvas Project: A Yearlong Introduction to Projects Chapter 5: New Dimensions in Thinking and Constructing The Lion Head Project: Transformations and Mastery of Fears 71 72 91 92 The Abiyoyo Project: Turning Favorite Books into Art and Drama Projects 103 The Volcano Project: Incorporating Science and the Outdoors 111 The Batman Project: Exploring Character and Anatomy 117 Conclusion: Creativity and the Child’s Role in the Community Suggested Reading   132 References   134 Index   137 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 128