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xiv   Acknowledgments DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET toward curriculum helped develop two-thirds of these projects. I am happy you will get to see her work in this book. Special thanks also go to Leslie Roffman and Cassie Britton, my partners in my first publishing experience two years ago. I would never have had the cour- age to try this on my own if we hadn’t figured it out together! As director and program director at The Little School, their ideas are woven directly into the fabric of this book. My thanks to fellow faculty members in the early childhood education department at San Francisco State University, especially Debra Luna, Barbara Henderson, Daniel Meier, Mina Kim, Phonita Yuen, Laura Miles-Banta, Kimberly Hughes, Darcy Campbell, and Nkechi Nwankwo. Love and thanks to friends and family who provided ideas, pep talks, food, drinks, and company: Leon Wanerman, Paddy Goodhart, Megan Hinchliffe, Zev Wanerman, Arlo Wanerman, Laura Phipps, Guy Phipps, Brian Wanerman, Brad Goodhart, Nancy Rosenblum, Sarah Maxwell, Leah Maxwell, Brian Kreischer, Gage Kenady, Mark Pothier, Kee Fricke, Ray Wilcox, Brie McFarland, Jennifer DiGioia, Hui Li, Jae Paik, Taoran Zheng, Jiryu Thongnamsap, Janice Bressler, Tamara Scheulov, and Samantha Grey. Finally, my deepest acknowledgment must go to Dr. Lilian Katz and Sylvia Chard, authors of Engaging Children’s Minds: The Project Approach; to Loris Malaguzzi, Lella Gandini, Carlina Rinaldi, Sergio Spaggiari, and all the Italian educators who developed unique inquiry-based early childhood pedagogy; and to Carolyn Edwards, George Forman, and the American educators who adapted Italian approaches for our culture and for toddlers. My sincere, paint-splattered gratitude to you all! COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL