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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments I have so many people to thank for supporting me while I wrote this book. First, my husband, for your love and support. For many months, you ignored piles of books on the dining room table, cooked for me, and gave me the time I needed to write. My daughters, Kim and Kat, you’re a constant reminder to me of what I can accomplish through hard work and dedication. Your love over the years has made all the differ- ence to me. My mother, brother, and sister, you listened and shared my excitement about writing this book and joyfully shared my accomplishments. My friends, for your generous encouragement and interest in the book. Some of you were there with me from the beginning of this project, and others joined me along the way; I ap- preciate all of you and treasure your friendship. I especially want to thank my friend Stacy Deeble-Reynolds for allowing me to photograph your home, and my friends and colleagues who allowed me to photograph your beautiful children. The staff at the Orange Coast College’s Harry and Grace Steel Children’s Center and the Hatsue Damain Family Child Care Center—you let me photograph your amazing early child care programs. Your commitment to high-quality programs is evident in the smiling faces of the children. A special thanks to Shawn Thomas for your photography and creativity; it was a pleasure to work with you on this book. I thank Doctor Scott Gray, Kim, and Kat for reading the first rough draft of this book and giving me feedback and direction. The team at Redleaf Press offered me your dedication and hard work. Editors Jeanne Engelmann and Kyra Ostendorf helped make writing this book a pleasure. David Heath at Redleaf offered me early support and the chance to share my thoughts about infants and toddlers with others. The creative team at the press understood what was needed to strengthen the content and flow of the book. Last, I want to thank the many adults who care for infants and toddlers every day. Your commitment to the care and well-being of our youngest children is com- mendable. I hope you’ll find this book useful and practical, whether you’re students going into the field of early care and education or providers who are already caring for children. To my readers: may you always remember that what you do makes a difference in young children’s lives. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL ix