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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents Acknowledgments ix Introduction xi Chapter 1: Why Observe Children? 1 Chapter 2: How Do Observation and Documentation Work with Early Learning Guidelines and Calls for Accountability? 19 Chapter 3: How Do You Do Observation and Documentation Well? 31 Chapter 4: How Do You Fit In Observation and Documentation? 57 Chapter 5: How Do You Observe and Document for Assessment? 79 Chapter 6: How Do You Share Observation, Documentation, and Assessment Information with Families? 107 Chapter 7: How Do You Use Observation and Documentation for Curriculum Planning? 129 Chapter 8: How Do You Build a Case about a Child? 161 Chapter 9: How Do You Continue to Grow as an Observer? 177 Appendix A: Observation Anecdotes for Review and Practice 185 Appendix B: Forms and Formats 195 Appendix C: Additional Resources on Assessment in Early Childhood 209 Appendix D: Glossary of Assessment Terms and Phrases 213 Appendix E: Guidelines for Instructors or Staff Development Leaders for Using Focused Observations 215 Appendix F: CD-ROM Contents 221 References 235 Index 239 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL vii