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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET An interactive intentional teaching CD-ROM with begins with focused observations and systematic documentation of children’s learning and development. This book explains nineteen vignettes why observation is one of the best methods to get to know each child of children in well, track progress, and plan individualized curriculum. It also provides action provide tools and techniques to help you strengthen your observations, document opportunities in time-efficient ways, create portfolios with rich documentation, and to practice support each child. You will also learn how to share your findings with observation families and grow as an observer through review and reflection activities. and documentation techniques. Learn answers to common questions about observation, including •  Why should I use observation in my classroom? •  What does effective observation and documentation look like? •  How do I fit in observation and documentation so that it doesn’t take away from teaching and interacting with children? •  How does the observation process work with early learning guidelines? Gaye Gronlund is an early childhood consultant who trains educators, administrators, and policy makers across the country. She is a well-known keynote speaker and staff development presenter and the author of six Redleaf Press books. Gaye holds a master’s degree in adult learning and early childhood education. Marlyn James is the early childhood program director and the education department chair at Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell, Montana. She presents at local, state, and national conferences and coauthored Early Learning Standards and Staff Development with Gaye Gronlund. Marlyn holds a master’s degree in human development. ISBN 978-1-60554-106-8 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $69.95