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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Business / Child Care Learn the skills and best practices to make receiving visitors more productive and worry-free As a family child care professional, you nurture and teach children during their most formative years. Being a family child care provider also means you must attend to families, licensors, food program representatives, coaches, and other people who visit your in- home business. This guide is filled with everything you need to successfully prepare for and host visits from people involved in the operation and regulation of your business. This book includes • Case studies featuring more than twenty common challenges that can occur during visits and skill-based solutions and successful strategies you can use to prepare for those situations • Checklists and self-examination activities to help you welcome and connect with potential families, specialists, and inspectors in positive ways • Support, guidance, and techniques to enhance your program “Whether you are a new or experienced provider, this book offers the tools for preparing and surviving successful visits, inspections, and interviews. With simple recommendations and relevant examples, this is a must read for all child care providers.”  —Heather Schwegler, president, Family Child Care Association of New York State, Inc. Donna C. Hurley and Sharon Woodward are both partners at S&D Instructional Services and coauthors of The Home Visitor’s Manual: Tools and Strategies for Effective Interactions with Family Child Care Providers. Donna has been delivering training for providers, parents, and home visitors for more than forty years and holds a master’s degree in education, curriculum, and instruction. Sharon has owned and operated a large preschool and licensed and supported family care professionals for over twenty years. She holds a degree in social work and is the author of several other resources for family child care providers. isbn 978-1-60554-126-6 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $17.95