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12 C H A P T E R O DOUBLE NE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Susan’s preparation and thoughtful inclusion of her family before starting her business has been time well spent. Although things do not always go as expected, Susan has faced very few unpleasant surprises. C hec kpoints for S ucce s s — — I have spoken with other experienced providers to help me better understand the challenges of combining my business and my home. — — I have been proactive when approaching my household members and have engaged in honest discussions about the potential challenges of sharing living and business space. — — I have done my homework and understand the regulations and requirements that govern the operation of my program. I have effec- tively communicated this information to my family members. — — I have attempted to respect every household member’s opinion, and I engage in effective problem-solving strategies to resolve any issues. — — I have attempted not to assume anything when I am allocating busi- ness responsibilities to my household members. I have discussed each role and established appropriate ground rules. — — I have implemented a checklist that assures me that my child care setting is always ready to receive clients, business-related visits, and inspections. — — I have planned ahead and introduced appropriate storage and rotation of materials to optimize my available space. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL