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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR Y our F a m ily - T ea m TABLET L ead provide her with the opportunity to be compensated for work she really enjoys while being home when her husband and her children return from work and school. Susan has done her homework. She has investigated how to become licensed and has attended an orientation training that provides clarification about the regulations and requirements for licensure. Susan has also read lots of books. She has chosen the curriculum she will use and has purchased materials that complement the activities and daily routines she wants to introduce. She has also investigated assessment tools and has selected one that corresponds perfectly with her curriculum. Before doing any of this, however, Susan was smart enough to recognize that operating a child care business in her home would affect not only her but also her household members. She has made a point of talking with other licensed providers before initiating discussions with her family. She has asked questions and listened carefully while providers describe some of the chal- lenges that can occur when blending a business with your home environ- ment. Because Susan has invited this feedback, she is well prepared when she meets with her family to present her business plan. Susan is enthusiastic about the benefits she sees in providing child care from the family’s home, but she is also honest about the potential problems that might arise from this decision. She works very hard at helping her hus- band and children see that their opinions matter to her. She stresses that by working together, the family can resolve any issues that might arise. Susan’s business has been a great success. Her licensing visit is successful, as are subsequent business-related visits so far. Her family might not always be overjoyed at sharing their home with a group of small children, but no member of her family feels disempowered or unable to express an opinion. So far, her husband and children are willing participants in resolving any problems that arise. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 11